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Return of the Swamp Thing (that's me, not the politicians)

Greetings I wanted to post before we head out to Washington, DC. As preparations were getting finalized we were informed that the House was going to vote on the Safe Banking issue on Wednesday. That could not have been planned any better we are going in to talk to the Senate primarily since that is where the opposition is to cannabis. We are set to meet with several Senators and their offices as well as Judiciary chair. That is going to be big for us, we are expecting to be face to face with the votes that we need to get this out of Congress and out to be signed. This could be a very productive trip if things fall in place. Remember that Washington is a place where some politician gets sick and the schedule can fall apart. It is a crap shoot, but at the moment the stars appear to be aligning. The ATACH group is 21 with 2 representatives of the AMIA in the mix. And if there are enough Alaskans in the room crazy stuff can happen as this 2018 shot of Rep Young and Past President Brandon will testify to.

I should run a caption this picture contest, but I think "Cannabis makes Brandon AND Rep. Young happy!" will do.

I am going to be posting as things roll along, so you'll be hearing from me in DC. This is one day full throttle and then we see what happens. I want all the members to know we are going to be fully focused to get results.

I am also posting the House bill they are voting on and the Senate bill for SAFE Banking in their current forms on the home page of the Website if you are interested in what the focus is Wednesday.

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