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Now THAT was money well spent

Let's start by sending out a big thank you to the members who come forward when we are involved in projects like the DC trip we just completed. It was nothing sort of a "the Planets are aligning" moment. Make no mistake, it is the donations of members who contribute small amounts to help cover the cost of our involvement that move our agenda forward NATIONALLY, and that continues to move us forward in Alaska. It is no joke or an exaggeration that those who donate a couple of hundred dollars to assist our travels are getting return on investment. Our trip to DC this week is a prime example, here is the recap.

Our new President and old Executive Director flew in for one extremely intense day of work getting our message to those in the Senate who would need some persuading for cannabis Banking progress and have not yet come to understand that the Safe banking act is in it's purest form a public health issue. We are trying to simply be able to not be forced to deal with cash and walk around with targets on our backs. There has already been a fatality from robbery (WA), where the theft was not involving someone trying to steal product but to get cash. It is just a matter of time before an innocent bystander is injured or killed because our businesses can't write a check. I know I posted the itinerary a few days ago of our DC trip, but when you look at the number of offices we reached out to, you get an idea of how we can be effective and get the most "bang for the buck" with our efforts.

It is also critical to mention that our relationships that have been developed through these meetings are pivotal. Our association with the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH) and the President of that association , Michael Bronstein, has been critical. Through our ATACH connection we have received functionality in political circles that we would have not been able to buy without hundreds of hours of effort and thousands of dollars spent. Another key relationship has been with the Policy Center for Public Health and Safety and it's Director Fred Niehaus, who you may remember was instrumental in getting 38 State Attorneys General signed on support this act earlier this year. Look at the itinerary from this week, it was posted in the blog. You just can't achieve this level of influence without the assistance of other like-minded individuals, and we have aligned with some of the most influential cannabis advocates in the Nation. We worked the House members during our May excursion earlier this spring. That came to fruition at the end of the day on Wednesday while we were in the gallery of the House of Representatives. A vote for the House on the SAFE Act had been scheduled for Friday and got moved ahead to Wednesday of this week. We sprinted (literally) from the offices of Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas to the House and watched the vote take place on the floor from the gallery. It was really a historic moment for cannabis in our country as 321 voted in favor of the Act and 103 voted against. What is so miraculous about this victory is the number of Republicans who voted yes. This wasn't a party line vote as so many things seem to be in this day and age. The was bi-partisan support for SAFE cannabis banking. And that in and of itself changes the dynamic for this Act as it moves forward in the process. We move forward with your help and the help of others who want cannabis to succeed. And we will never, never

take our eyes off the prize while we are working for our members.

AMIA Board President Lacy Wilcox and Executive Director Carroll Carrigan