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Critical Assembly Action TONIGHT!

There is going to be an Assembly meeting tonight to determine if the “On Site consumption” issue for vaping cannabis products is going to be allowed on the April Ballot. This is going to be a critical step for On Site in Anchorage.

There have been several letters sent to the Assembly, ALL IN OPPOSITION.

We need to get a push on for this. If you have time to attend the meeting tonight, GREAT. Be there at 6pm. In the meantime, we need to get the letters out, and here is the address:

Anchorage Assembly Members Email

If you can send out the email great, but we need to make sure that the Assembly knows that we are going to be looking for this to end up on the ballot. Let’s let the public come to a decision, not the anti-cannabis crowd who write letters now.

We need you and your involvement, NOW.

Assembly in Anchorage meets this evening in the Loussac Library. 6pm.