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EMAIL Action Information

The final push against the appointment of Vivian Stiver is NOW. If you are just getting mad for the first time,then you can click the envelope below and start there. If you have already been involved in the email campaign here is what you do:

1. Find the letter you sent out earlier in your "Sent Mail" and hit "Forward" essentially refreshing your email to the top of their In Box. 

2. Make sure it says "Vote NO to Stiver" and add a little note reminding them why you oppose and tell them to reference your original correspondence (included) then send it to your Legislator(s) AS A CONSTITUENT

3. Tell as many people as you can that we can use their help to turn away the Governor's Prohibitionist from sitting on the Marijuana Control Board. Get them involved. 

This is a critical effort. We are supposed to have TWO industry voices on the MCB and if they seat Stiver one of those seats will be speaking and working against us.

The Envelope icon below is the instructions on how to connect with your Legislator for the 2019-2020 session. If this is your first pass at this start here.

The pencil icon below is the link to our statement that started the anti-Vivian party. Click it for the PDF.