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The Anchorage On-Site Page

A little background  ...the On-site issue has been simmering in communities around the state but nowhere more so than the biggest communities, Anchorage and Fairbanks. Fairbanks has moved the issue forward now, Anchorage has started the process and the first introduction of it will be happening this TUESDAY May 07, 2019 at 6 pm. (Note that normally these meetings move the cannabis issues to the back of the agenda, but it is better to be there early)

It is going to be necessary to start attending these meetings and be familiar with the documents and proposed ordinances. There is going to be push back on even just having EDIBLES at on-site consumption locations. The people who were involved see this process as a working against the No Smoking ban that they have put in place. It is going to tough going from here on out and if we expect to have any level of on-site happening, we are all going to have to be focused on the task of getting this process moved forward. So please clear your calendars on Tuesday nights for awhile, and get ready to be willing to testify, the Assembly is going to need to hear from the people who are in favor of getting On-Site Consumption established in Anchorage.


The 4 PDFs that have been released from the MOA are posted below for you. Remember this is going to get introduced on Tuesday night.