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2019 Candidates & Bios

There are 3 currently seated candidates and 10 candidates running for the three (3) At-Large seats

The  current seats up for reelection... 

Manufacturing Seat 3-year Term
Brandon Emmett - Good Titrations (FNSBAMIA)

I have been involved in the marijuana industry since before the first ballot for legalization. The President of the Board for the AMIA, former Vice Chair of the MCB, and COO of Good Titrations.

Manufacturing Seat 3-year Term
Lacy Wilcox - Top Hat Concentrates (SEAMIA)

I’m a manager at THC Alaska in Juneau and the Legislative Liaison for the AMIA. I was born and raised in Homer, Alaska, the daughter of a commercial fisherman, and am no stranger to hard work. 


I have worked in politics in Juneau since 2004 and am skilled at navigating bureaucracy and regulations. As a registered lobbyist, I lobby only on cannabis issues.


I have participated in cannabis activism and educational advocacy with my husband, Ben, for nearly a decade. When not busy with work or the legislature, we spend as much time as possible enjoying the beauty of Alaska along with our two children. 

Ancillary Seat 3-year Term
Jana Weltzin, Esq. - JDW Counsel (ACBA)

I’ve been with AMIA since its inception and I have been a marijuana business attorney working with marijuana companies in various states since 2013. I look forward to continuing to serve on the AMIA board and help further the growth and sustainability of our industry.

These are the 10 candidates for the 3 At-Large Seats


Jennifer Canfield - Green Elephant (SEAMIA)

I’m co-owner of Green Elephant, a cannabis cultivation and retail business in Juneau. Before going into business with my partner, I spent 10 years as a news reporter and editor covering state and local governments. I'm a lifelong Alaskan and believe cannabis is an effective medicine for people afflicted with PTSD.

The AMIA’s current leadership has created a solid framework for an industry advocacy organization. I’d like to build on their hard work by revamping how the organization communicates with members, regulators and the public. I’ve identified two immediate opportunities the board should consider:

1) Reorganizing the AMIA website to more clearly communicate our mission and provide a platform for members to connect with each other and leadership.
2) Improving communication between members and leaders by implementing turnkey digital solutions already in use by other industry advocacy organizations.

I appreciate your support and look forward to helping grow the AMIA!

Adam Gray - ForgetMeNot (SEAMIA)

Grew up on the island of Guam. Attended Alfred University in New York. Received a BA in Psychology and a BS in Business Management. Ran the family business for 9 years until it's sale in 2006. Moved to Hawaii in 2008 to run a Sleep Diagnostic company as the General Manager. Grew the business from 1 to 4 locations. Came to Alaska in 2013 to work in the fishing industry. Started as the vessel manager on a tender processor. Became an Office Manager for Silver Bay Seafoods in 2014 and was eventually promoted to Corporate Fleet Accountant. Responsible for all financial aspects of a fleet of over 300 fishing vessels. During off season acted as a Senior Corporate Accountant. Moved to Juneau in 2016 and am currently the General Manager of ForgetMeNot Enterprises operating a commercial grow and recreational retail store. Also act as President of Aurora Management Group which oversees the operation of several business entities

Brad Harper - AK Frost (ABCA)

I am the General Manager for AK Frost, AK Rime and Isidore in Anchorage. Working in one of the first fully vertically-integrated organizations in Alaska has given me a keen perspective on challenges we all face.  As our compliance liaison, I’ve worked closely and successfully with the State and the Municipality.  I would like to be involved more with these entities across the state as our industry evolves in helping to develop procedures and fine-tune the regulations in a way that is effective, fair and purposeful. I would also like to see Alaska take a leadership role in national issues such as standardized testing procedures and I think the AMIA is the perfect organization to accomplish these goals

Trevor Haynes - GOOD Alaska (FNSBAMIA)

Co-founder and General Manager of GOOD Cannabis, a vertically integrated cannabis company in Fairbanks. I have helped guide GOOD Cannabis to become a top brand in Alaska, with products in 50+ retail shops across the state, including our own shop in Fairbanks. In my leadership role with GOOD, I have gained first-hand experience with the major issues and regulatory concerns our industry faces. I also have become very motivated to address these issues and advance the industry.


If elected to the AMIA executive board, I will:


1) Advance progress on key industry problems (e.g., poorly designed state regulations), and,

2) Help evolve and strengthen AMIA as the principle industry association in Alaska.


Drawing on my experience as a research scientist (PhD from UAF), I will provide an empirical and objective approach. I plan to use this approach to create positive solutions for the problems that hinder our industry’s progress.

Sarah D. Oates - CHARR (ACBA) 

I was born and raised in Alaska and currently serve as the President and CEO of Alaska CHARR – the AMIA’s alcohol counterpart. Many of you likely recognize my name, as I previously worked at AMCO for 7.5 years, running the licensing and education unit. While with AMCO, I was responsible for the creation, implementation, education, and improvement of Alaska's regulated cannabis industry, which included working with stakeholders to draft hundreds of pages of regulations. That involvement, combined with my knowledge and work in my current role, will allow me to bring unique insight, experience, and ideas to the AMIA Board that will enable us to be more effective for our membership. I have continued to follow cannabis issues, provide supportive legislative testimony, and give guidance to licensees and applicants, and I hope to increase my efficacy as a member of the AMIA Board.

Caleb Saunders - Green Jar (MVCBA)

I am Caleb Saunders and I am the CEO and a co-owner of Green Jar. I helped to run and organize the Say NO to Prohibition campaign for the Mat-Su Valley in 2016. You may have seen me out on the Parks waving signs. Prior to opening a marijuana establishment, I worked in the North Slope oilfield as a Field Specialist working on the oil wells, and as a Crane Trainer teaching regulations and safe operations. I successfully managed retail operations and worked in construction management as a Project Coordinator in the past. I am a big believer in the healthier the industry as the whole is the safer each individual is. I work to attend as many meetings as I can and get that info out to those looking for it. I hope to sit as an AMIA board member to continue to work for the betterment of all Alaska!

Tina Smith - Midnight Greenery (MVCBA)

Tina Smith CEO of Midnight Greenery Enterprises, Inc.  has been an active member in the Alaska Marijuana Industry since early 2015. Her company, Midnight Greenery took an active role in educating the public on being active participants in the regulatory process through a series of classes throughout the state. Ms. Smith founded and acted as President of the MatValley Cannabis Business Association (MVCBA), a nonprofit organization that was founded to address the business and political needs of the new marijuana industry. With Ms. Smith’s leadership, the association, was responsible for the organizing of the “Say “NO” to prohibition” campaign that helped lead to successfully defeating a ban on all marijuana establishments in the MatSu Borough.
Her Corporation now owns multiple ancillary businesses that include a media production company, that created Through the Looking Glass, as well as an Education company, AKCannaEd, that offers an in person, State certified Marijuana Handlers

Josh Stahle - AK Leaf (ACBA / MVCBA)

As Director of Alaska Leaf Magazine, I have had the absolute pleasure of being able to cover this industry over the last few years, and to get ever more involved with its development. Running the Leaf has given me insight into what challenges this industry faces on a day to day basis and all of the work that is still to come. Regardless of the outcome of this election, I will be working hard to move this industry forward. 


While not chasing down content for the magazine, I spend most of my time with my family, my fiancée Alison, and our three children. 

Jane Stinson - Enlighten Alaska (ACBA)

Jane Stinson, a self-proclaimed hippie, has supported the personal use of marijuana for over 40 years. She and her two children, Leah and Evan Levinton opened one of Anchorage's first retail stores, Enlighten Alaska in February 2017. That experience and her prior advocacy for cannabis regulation in Alaska has given Jane exposure to all aspects of the industry, particularly in Anchorage

Lou Weaver - AK Slow Burn (ACBA) 

I am a long time Alaskan who just after turning 15 years of age, started working on the “Haul Road” which subsequently turned into the Trans Alaska Pipeline. I continued to work in the oil & gas and maritime industries with the last 25 years having an emphasis on regulatory compliance as either a Manager, Director or Compliance Officer. I wrote and implemented policy manuals and SOP's for various Alaskan companies dealing with DOT, USCG, EPA, DEC & OSHA regulations on both State and Federal levels. Recognizing the need for adult education to reduce at risk behavior in the work place, I became a Certified OSHA Instructor for General Industry, Construction, and Maritime industries, as well as an instructor for Disaster Site Worker and Incident Command courses in the Emergency Management sector.  Starting in the early nineties, I conducted thousands of hours teaching and training adults both in the field and in academic institutions. Retiring in early 2016, I immediately started the licensing process for a marijuana retail business, and now have one store open for roughly 20 months and the next store scheduled to open May 2019, followed by a grow operation opening Dec 2019.


I have two brothers in the marijuana business; one as owner/operator of an 80,000 sq/ft in-door cultivation and the other owns multiple retail stores. As such, we all clearly understand the critical nature of protecting and guarding this emerging cannabis industry. By getting politically involved at local, state and national levels, we must provide the advocacy that is mission critical to all of us in this sector. Analyzing the marijuana business in Alaska, this is a long-term commitment. There is no “get rich” quick scheme here, this is simply hard "roll up your sleeves" work over the long haul and requires all of us to get on board and protect our right to business ownership and access to marijuana for our customers.