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The 2019

AMIA Board Election


There are two Manufacturing seats and one Ancillary seat open this year. The candidates representing those seats are listed below.

There have been three (3) new At-Large seats added.

First here are the candidates that will be on the 2019 Ballot:


Existing Seats:

01. Manufacturing - Lacy Wilcox

02. Manufacturing - Brandon Emmett

03. Ancillary - Jana Weltzin


New Seats! Three (3) At-Large Board Seats:

(listed alphabetically)


04. Jennifer Canfield (SEAMIA) Green Elephant

05. Adam Grey (SEAMIA) Forget-Me-Not

06. Brad Harper (ACBA) AK Frost

07. Trevor Haynes (FNSBAMIA) GOOD Alaska

08. Sarah D. Oates (ACBA) CHARR (Ancillary member)

09. Caleb Saunders (MVCBA) Green Jar

10. Tina Smith (MVCBA) AKCANNAED

11. Josh Stahle (MVCBA/ACBA) AKLeaf

12. Jane Stinson (ACBA) Enlighten Alaska

13. Lou Weaver (ACBA) Slow Burn


All Candidates are in Good Standing and have submitted written acceptance for their nominations.

Open Seats 2019

Maufacturing - Brandon Emmett

Brandon is the current Board President and and represents Good Titrations of Fairbanks

Manufacturing - Lacy Wilcox

Lacy is the Legislative Liaison of the Association and represents Top Hat Concentrates of Juneau

Ancillary - Jana Weltzin

Jana is a member of the Executive Board and represents JDW Counsel of Anchorage

Plus 3 AT-Large Seats that are now open. They will be slated out here shortly and more of the details regarding those will post here shortly.